Return Merchandise Authorization Policies

Please read our RMA policy and proceed to fill out the RMA form

All products sold by Mitech are New Factory Sealed Retail, New Factory Sealed Spare, Bulk, and Clean System Pulls. Each product is ensured to meet the highest industry standard. All product discrepancies should be reported to Mitech.

All products are serialized prior to shipping, removal or tampering of this serial number will void any refunds, exchanges, and warranty.

  • Mitech only considers returns with written authorization by a Mitech representative.
  • Written authorization is only valid for 10 calendar days including the day of issue.
  • If written authorization has expired, a new authorization is at the absolute discretion of Mitech’s representatives.
  • Mitech holds the absolute discretion to charge Restocking and Shipping Fees. Amount of each fee will be determined by a Mitech representative
  • Proceed to RMA form and complete it in its entirety. The form will be reviewed by a Mitech representative who will contact the client within 48 hours after submission with further instructions.

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